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Models / Wendy Summers

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Wendy Summers Vital Stats:
Height:  5' 7"

Funny. Geeky. Freaky. As a transsexual MILF, I've been captivating fans worldwide with my unique personality and style since 2012. I've appeared in numerous DVDs including She-Male Strokers 50, Bang My Tranny Ass 10, & I Kill It TS Vol 1. My solo website has run continuously since 2012. I'm the 2013 Shemale Performer of the Year for the 2013 Rise Awards and I've won three Transgender Erotica Awards.

Wendy Summers Updates

You Can't Stop Being a Faggot
Wendy Summers
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You just can't stop thinking about it, can you? You're just a filthy cock craving faggot for me. You fantacize about being between my thighs licking my thick, throbbing cock. You shouldn't crave cock, but even the mention of it makes you lick your lips. You should be ashamed and humiliated for wanting...

Tags: Bedroom Cocksucking Encouragement Cumshot Dominant
Stroke Suck Swallow
Wendy Summers
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You've heard of the 3 r's, well here's the three s's of cocksucking… stroke, suck & swallow. I know you want to be a good cocksucker for me and feel that sense of accomplishment as you drain the cum from my balls into your throat. You'll give me the best orgasm if you do each of these in order. ...

Tags: aa_Included in Membership Cock Flick Cocksucking Encouragement Cumshot
Be My Whore or I'll Expose You Sissy
Wendy Summers
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You wondered why I called you into my office? I saw you sneaking into that lingerie store on your lunch break… saw you buying that pair of pink panties that are just your size. There's no hiding it from me… I know you're a secret sissy faggot. I bought an outfit there for you too… you see…...

Tags: aa_Included in Membership Cumshot Domination Looking Up At It
Wrap Your Faggot Lips Around My Cock
Wendy Summers
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There's only one thing a faggot like you is good for… sucking dick. So drop to those knees and wrap your faggot lips around my cock. All you crave is cock. All you think about is cock, so that's all you'll get you dirty faggot. I'll make you drop on your knees to look up at my thick throbbing cock...

Tags: aa_Included in Membership Cumshot Dominant Faggot Humiliation
You're An Addicted Degenerate Stroker
Wendy Summers
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Already that hand is on your cock isn't it? You can't help it, can you loser? Grabbing your cock and jacking that dick mindlessly to transsexual cock like mine. It didn't used to be dick… it was only tits, but your stroke addiction grew… now all you can think about is a girl like me with my thick,...

Tags: aa_Included in Membership Bulge Cumshot Dominant
You Crave Cock Thanks to Me
Wendy Summers
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Why are you so surprised I'm here at your local porn shop? You can feel that craving you have to suck cock and swallow cum, can't you? I've put it there. I slowly conditioned you to crave cock and cum. Those urges just won't stop. The thoughts -- of being on your knees for me... sucking my thick...

Tags: aa_Included in Membership Cocksucking Encouragement Cumshot Dominant
You Need Sissy Tits
Wendy Summers
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Let's face it sissy... you want tits. And not just any tits -- you want the kind of cleavage that will turn every head in the room as you saunter in. A pair that jiggles as you walk in your heels, letting everyone know you're made to be a filthy sissy slut. You want a pair of tits like mine... and...

Tags: aa_Included in Membership Cumshot Dominant Living Room
Faggot You Need Cock
Wendy Summers
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Let's face it -- there's only one thing you need in life faggot… cock! You think about it all the time. Being on your knees in front of a girl like me. Looking up at my cock as it throbs inches from your lips. You think about cock pulsing in your throat as you swallow my thick dick. Maybe even...

Tags: aa_Included in Membership Bedroom Bulge Cock Flick