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Models / Wendy Summers

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Wendy Summers Vital Stats:
Height:  5' 7"

Funny. Geeky. Freaky. As a transsexual MILF, I've been captivating fans worldwide with my unique personality and style since 2012. I've appeared in numerous DVDs including She-Male Strokers 50, Bang My Tranny Ass 10, & I Kill It TS Vol 1. My solo website has run continuously since 2012. I'm the 2013 Shemale Performer of the Year for the 2013 Rise Awards and I've won three Transgender Erotica Awards.

Wendy Summers Updates

Why Aren't You in Bed With Me?
Wendy Summers
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There's only one question that matters right now… why aren't you in bed with me? I know you crave my soft body pressed against you. Feeling my natural tits pressed against your chest as we kiss as lovers. I know you love me grinding my curvy and sexy ass. I'll tease you with it - begging you to...

Tags: aa_Included in Membership Ass Grinding Bedroom Cumshot
You'll Pay For Everything
Wendy Summers
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What do you mean why I am not at work? Don't you get it? I'm a hot transsexual… I'm not going to do anything but stay here and look hot. You'll pay for everything and do it gratefully. As your reward you'll get to suck my thick, hard cock. Let's face it -- we both know the power I hold over you....

Tags: aa_Included in Membership Ass Grinding Cock Flick Cumshot
Satin Sheets
Wendy Summers
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There's something sexy about laying on Satin Sheets... how they glide over your body just like how cum-covered cocks can slide past one another when frotting? The shiny, silky smoothness just feels so sinful. It gives me a devilish idea -- want to join me on these sheets? I will slide my smooth body...

Tags: aa_Included in Membership Bedroom Cumshot Neutral
You're a Faggot Now
Wendy Summers
Available to Members Now

What happened to you? You once were straight… loving women with a pussy, dreaming of fucking them… but now? Now you're obsessed with cock and cum. It's all you think of anymore isn't it, faggot? Just the mention of cock gets you licking your lips and your dick throbbing. Do you even get hard...

Tags: aa_Included in Membership Bedroom Cumshot Dominant
My Pussy is Better
Wendy Summers
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Why are you even concerned with your girlfriend's pussy… we both know the only pussy you crave is my tight transsexual cunt. My curvy ass cheeks hide the sweet little fuckhole you crave. I'll taunt you with my body suit that just disappears between my booty - before grinding my hips to taunt you...

Tags: aa_Included in Membership Ass Eating Encouragement Ass Grinding Bedroom
TS Counselor: Helping Your Self Esteem
Wendy Summers
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So you think you're too shy and you can't talk to attractive women? I'm not going to ask you "How does that make you feel?", because I know. I am a professional, you know. I'm really the ideal person to help you with your self-esteem issues. Relax and let me show you. I knew from the minute you walked...

Tags: aa_Included in Membership Counselor Counselor's Office Cumshot
I'll Make You Commit All Kinds of Sodomy
Wendy Summers
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Did you know that according to some laws sodomy is a whole lot more than taking a cock in your ass. Ass eating, blowjobs, even masturbation can be considered sodomy under some old laws… and oh baby am I going to make you commit some sodomy. I'll start by grinding my sweet ass in your face, describing...

Tags: aa_Included in Membership Ass Eating Encouragement Ass Grinding Cock Between Thighs
You're a Closet Cocksucker
Wendy Summers
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Why are you so scared to admit what you are? Why are you still in the closet about being a cocksucker? I think it’s pathetic that you keep buying these videos imagining you're on your knees swallowing my thick, hard cock as I blast my creamy load down your throat. It's sad that you jerk off all...

Tags: aa_Included in Membership Cocksucking Encouragement Cumshot Dominant