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Sunday April 31
Monday April 1
Trans Counselor: Swallow Her Cum to Please Her

Welcome I'm the next sex counselor assigned to work with you. I know that with all the porn you've been watching you've become disassociated with the needs of your partner. So we're going to work together to help you focus on pleasing your transsexual partner... me. First you're going to give careful attention to my full, soft breasts. Kiss and lick the nipples like I enjoy. Then you're going to kiss and suck on my toes before I pulling my panties down and playing with my hard transsexual cock. I'll have you kiss and lick my tight fuckhole before finally having you swallow my throbbing cock and work my shaft with your mouth until you please me so well I cum down your throat. Remember - it's all about pleasing me... and you'll be pleasing me again and again.
Trans Counselor: Swallow Her Cum to Please Her

Tuesday April 2
Wendy Summers Cumshot Compilation 5

You love seeing my thick cock spraying my juicy load of cum! So it's time to swallow a heaping serving of my sweet & sticky cum. This video's compilation features some of my finest trans cumshots from 6 of my fan favorite videos. Featured are the cumshots from "Be My Bitch or I Tell Your Wife," "PSA: Benefits of Eating Cum," "TS Counselor: Confronting Your TS Porn Addiction," "Spiking Your Cup With Cum," "I'll Tell Everyone You're a Faggot," and "Loser Cocksucker." So get that dick out and jack to these tasty cumshots again and again.
Wendy Summers Cumshot Compilation 5

Wednesday April 3
Thursday April 4
My Cock Floats in the Tub

Clearly Wendy must be a witch - do you see the way her wood is floating in the water? That's no one-eye familiar to be sure, but she is showing you her full monty - python... actually that's smaller - maybe a one-eyed trouser snake? Wendy's not conjuring anything in that bathtub but she's certainly waving a wand around. Care to see what she can summon? A warm relaxing tub is just the thing to make me hard & horny. I use the water as I stroke and tease my cock before finally cumming during my bath.
My Cock Floats in the Tub

Friday April 5
Your Trans Stepmom Makes You Suck Cock at the Glory Hole

I walk into the house and discover you jerking off to images of my cock and seeing my videos where I'm fucking a tight ass. It's clear what you need, you dirty pervert. Just like the old days of making you smoke until you're sick, I'm taking you to the glory hole and making you suck cock and take my dick deep in your boi pussy. You want cock, you'll get cock. In the glory hole, I'll fuck you POV style while ordering you to suck the cocks coming through the wall. Finally, I'll cum all over you as I blow my load over a dirty pervert like you.
Your Trans Stepmom Makes You Suck Cock at the Glory Hole

Saturday April 6
Open My Buttons to Pop My Cock Out

Normally when you wear a dress with a row of buttons down the middle you run the risk of the buttons popping, but in this dress I'm more worried about my cock popping out. A quick boner and this transsexual cock slides right between the buttons letting my cock poke out of this dress. Granted this is a perfect dress for taking a walk with someone special... and I'm sure if something popped up, you would help immediately. We both know you are hungry for my cock, so you won't mind if my meat is exposed, will you?
Open My Buttons to Pop My Cock Out

Sunday April 7
Monday April 8
Trans Counselor: Forget Your Wife

In all your time as my patient, we've talked about how much you crave a trans dick -- that you think about being with a trans woman, especially me, all this time. But you've always avoided the topic of your wife. It's time for you to admit to me and yourself that you no longer fantasize about your wife. When you're fucking her, you're thinking about me fucking you. When your wife sucks your cock, you wish that you were sucking on my cock. I'll break you of this tie to your old life. I'll use seduction to recondition you - to help you forget about your wife. To focus only on what you really crave... a thick trans cock to suck on. A hard, throbbing cock to feel tight in your ass. It's time to forget about pussy and give in to the girl cock you desire.
Trans Counselor: Forget Your Wife

Tuesday April 9
You're a Dirty Gooner for Trans Cock

You just rub and rub and rub. Mindless jacking your dick to transsexual cock like mine. You want to see a cock like mine bulging under that dress; under that skirt. You imagine the panties being pulled off and you just goon harder. So pathetic. Stroking and rubbing and all you see in your mind is my trans cock. You'll never get one you know… you’re too busy jacking your dick -- gooning mindlessly. You'll never go get a cock like mine because you can't stop jerking. So you watch these videos. Thinking about my cock, my balls. Imagine tasting the precum. Imagine my cock throbbing in your throat. Imagine tasting that cum as it sprays. So go on… goon like the dirty loser you are. Buy this video and jack that dick to my cock and my cum. We both know you will.
You're a Dirty Gooner for Trans Cock

Wednesday April 10
Thursday April 11
Are You a Cocksucker?

You may claim you like me because I'm a sexy nerd, or that my ass is amazing and it makes you lust after me, but I suspect there's more to it than that. Are you a cocksucker? Does it get your dick hard thinking about wrapping your lips around my throbbing cock? Can you not control yourself when you think about my cum spraying out? Do you crave a taste? Oh yes... I know exactly what you are... do you? I'll tease you about your your obsession with cock as I stroke my thick, hard dick. I'll give you a close look as I taunt you with your desire to swallow my throbbing cock. Finally I'll bust my nut and remind you that a cocksucker like you will need to clean up all that tasty cum. So... are you a cocksucker?
Are You a Cocksucker?

Friday April 12
It's Totally Gay to Suck Trans Cock

Hahaha are you seriously asking if it's gay if you suck cock? You realize only gay bitches worry about that. Straight dudes don't freak out… but you… you're so scared of being a homo the thought consumes you. I have amazing tits & a perfect ass. Straight guys are all about my hot body. But you? All you think about is my cock. How big is it? How will it feel? Gay. Gay. Gay. That's what you are. Go on, get on those knees. Looking up at it is where a homo like you belong. Go on look at that dick and admit you're gay. You want to suck that thick cock and be fucked by it, don't you my gay little bitch. Go on. Say what you know: you're gay. You want cum because you're a cocksucking homo. Be the gay little bitch you were meant to be… beg for my cum.
It's Totally Gay to Suck Trans Cock

Saturday April 13
Lips Around My Cock

What I really need right now is your lips wrapped around my cock. But since your filthy cocksucking mouth isn't here, my fleshlight's lips are going to take your place. I want my dick shoved down your throat as you get me dripping with precum. Kiss and lick up and down my throbbing cock until it's drooling enough precum to quench your thirst. Get ready to swallow you little dick licker... because I'm going to cum.
Lips Around My Cock

Sunday April 14
Monday April 15
I Show You the Secret Under My Dress

Coming 04/15/2024

Our first date has gone really well and I've invited you back to my place... but before we go any further, I need to tell you my secret - I have a cock under my dress. Do you want to see? I lift up the hem of my dress revealing my thick, hard dick. That's how much you excite me. I'm even dripping precum. I wipe off a bit with my finger and let you taste my precum from my finger. I start stroking my cock to give you a show until I finally cum. I wipe off some of the cum and taste it, before getting a second fingerful of cum for you to taste. Do you like my secret?
I Show You the Secret Under My Dress

Tuesday April 16
You Can't Stop Your Sissy Urges

Coming 04/16/2024

Oh Sissy… it just started with buying sissy videos but now you just can't stop. Every chance you're alone you dress up and mindlessly rub that clitty. You love being a slutty sissy don't you? Getting to wear pretty things… thinking about cock. Oh you love the thought of cock… sucking it… taking it in your sissy pussy. Mistress knows why… this is what you were made to be. A naughty sissy dressing up and rubbing your clitty. So embrace it -- Mistress will tease you with her tits and cock and make you repeat how much you love cock and cum as a sissy. Let's face it -- you'll never stop. You're made to be a sissy.
You Can't Stop Your Sissy Urges

Wednesday April 17
Thursday April 18
This Sexy Woman Has a Marvelous Cock

Coming 04/18/2024

Face Front, True Wankers for another Terrific Tale of Trans Fangirl, Wendy Summers. This comic book aficionado is showing her fan pride... and her cock as she shows you how marvelous she truly is. This tricky transwoman is sure to catch you in her geeky, sticky fluid so hang onto your shaft and pay close attention to this page turner. Wendy, the perfect girl-next-door, gets all geeky as she strokes her thick transsexual cock until she cums her gooey load.
This Sexy Woman Has a Marvelous Cock

Friday April 19
My Tits and Cock are Your Birthday Present

Coming 04/19/2024

Do you know why I'm here on your 18th Birthday? It's obvious to everyone around you. While women distract you with their tits, you also keep staring at the bulges of men. Everyone's noticed, so they sent me. I do have the tits that distract you. Don't you crave these, soft, round tits? Do you want to squeeze my breasts? Play with my titties? You could stop right there, but you know you won't. You keep staring at my bulge. Think about how my thick trans cock will feel in your mouth. You want to be a good slut. Pleasing my thick dick until I reward you with cum in your throat. You may act nervous but before long the thought of my cock in your mouth as you suck it will consume you. Worship my cock and balls… get that cum we both know you crave. Are you ready for your reward?
My Tits and Cock are Your Birthday Present

Saturday April 20
Not a Paleontologist, But Sure Digs the Bone

Coming 04/20/2024

I guess I misunderstood what you said. When you said you dug the bone, I assumed you meant fossils. That's why I got this dinosaur dress which shows off my tits. But now I get that you love a bitch with a bone she can ram down your throat. Well just because you don't dig dinosaurs doesn't mean you can't excavate my sexy transsexual ass. My dress looks better on the floor, so let me take it off and have you explore every inch of my curvy terrain. I don't think we'll have any trouble discovering something hard for you to study.
Not a Paleontologist, But Sure Digs the Bone

Sunday April 21
Monday April 22
You're My Crush

Coming 04/22/2024

Do you ever wonder who I'm thinking about when I film these videos? What gets my cock so hard as I tease the length of my thick shaft on camera? It's you. You're my crush. The thought of your hands caressing my tits, your fingers and mouth working my trans cock. It gets me hard. It makes my cock drip precum. It makes me cum. Do you want to make me cum? Let me show you exactly what the thought of you does to me.
You're My Crush

Tuesday April 23
You're My Faggot Cumdumpster

Coming 04/23/2024

Our first date…. Oh the nasty things I'm going to do to your ass? You're surprised that I'll be the one doing the fucking? Why wouldn't I? It's clear you're just a little faggot. You don't care about my tits, my curves… just my cock and cum. Get on your knees and suck my dick. Admit you're a faggot. Admit you want cock and cum in your throat and ass. I'm going to cum all over you then make you eat my load… and yours. Go on faggot. This will be your best date ever!
You're My Faggot Cumdumpster

Wednesday April 24
Thursday April 25
Trans Sergeant Drills Your Privates

Coming 04/25/2024

Get ready for cock sucker bootcamp.  Trans Drill Sergeant Wendy is here to put her privates to work.   So drop on your knees and give her 10... blowjobs.  She's going to whip you and your slutty little mouth right into shape.  Be all the little cockgobbler you can be.  Sign up for this woman's army of cumguzzlers. I'll dress you down and demean you in my tight camouflaged corset.  I'll pull my panties down and show you just how big my thick throbbing cock is to reinforce how pathetic a recruit you are.  I'll humiliate you for being a cocksucker and make you show everyone what a filthy little degenerate you are.  I'll dominate you until I cum.  This is one drilling you'll love to take from your sergeant.
Trans Sergeant Drills Your Privates

Friday April 26
Wendy Summers Cumshot Compilation #7

Coming 04/26/2024

It's not hard to understand how thirsty you are for what I have: balls full of cum. So this video gives you just what you need: 6 of my creamiest trans cumshots. I jerk my thick trans MILF cock until spray my cum so hard it will make you bust your own nut. This compilation clip includes 6 cumshots. Are you ready for this sticky mess?
Wendy Summers Cumshot Compilation #7

Saturday April 27
You Suck Cock Because You Can't Pay Your Taxes

Coming 04/27/2024

So you can't pay the taxes you owe and were hoping for some sort of deal? Oh I have a deal for you. You're going to wrap your lips around my thick dick and choke on it. I'm going to make your faggot mouth into a filthy little cock hole. I plan to make a deposit on your account. So get ready to work off your debt. You'll be swallowing my sweet load for a long time to come.
You Suck Cock Because You Can't Pay Your Taxes

Sunday April 28
Monday April 29
Tuesday April 30
I'll Make You My Perfect Sissy Girlfriend

Coming 04/30/2024

I'll make you my perfect sissy girlfriend. I will dress you up so sexy like my own barbie doll -- in the hottest lingerie and the sexiest feminine dresses. Do your makeup so you look as pretty and feminine as me. You'll be my partner in crime as we head off to the club to be slutty together. Every eye on us thinking about how hot we are. Every cock there craving some fun with us. And will we have fun slutting it up together. We'll grind and kiss on the dance floor until we find the perfect stud and share his cock together. Just talking about it gets me hard & horny. Do you want to suck my cock? Get on your knees and lick and tease my cock until I cum as an appetizer for out trip to the club. But don't worry -- this is just your first cock of the night as my perfect sissy girlfriend.
I'll Make You My Perfect Sissy Girlfriend

Wednesday April 1
Thursday April 2
Friday April 3
Saturday April 4