By now you'll notice that subscriptions to, including recurring subscriptions are turned off. Don't worry - we're not going anywhere other than a new server and a new processing company!

For the past several months, I've been working to build the next iteration of This past week we've been approved by the payment processor so we're prepping to switchover to the new website on December 15, 2022! While I'm not ready to share screenshots yet, I can share some new details of what's coming!

Beyond being a modern website, the new version will not only offer membership, but also give you the ability to buy or rent single videos, purchase custom content and a few other personalized items just for you! Billing for the website is discrete, so no worries about WendySummers all over your credit card bill.

While we're definitely going to keep going in this new era. I hope you'll come back and join me on the next iteration of when it launches in December

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    You're An Addicted Degenerate Stroker

    1st December 2022

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    FtA: Sissy Porn Will Change You

    29th November 2022

    Don't make my mistake.  I always thought sissy porn was harmless, just a little naughty fun.  But over time it changed me… it will change you too.  It will leave you wanting to dress girly like me.  In sexy ways that make everyone get so craving your body.  You'll get nice soft tits like mine… so fun to play with and leaving you horny for cock and cum.  Your hands will roam, just like mine are, rubbing your clit through your lingerie.  A naughty girl attracting naughty attention.


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    Video and Photos ONLY in Members Area